What to do in Alicante in August 2017 – Part 2


What to do in Alicante in August 2017 is once again our subject for discussion. Let’s see what can be explored and how and when during the last and most busy month of summer.

Like we said, August is one of the busiest times of year to explore Spain – not to mention it is extremely hot and very crowded – but there is a reason why everybody comes here during this time of year; and that reason is that Spain is wonderfully alive during these short weeks of joyful summer.

Let’s see where we can go and what we can do in Alicante this August:

The Museo Etnológico de La Vall d’Ebo in Alicante is one of the top cultural attractions to explore. It seeks to faithfully recreate the life of the ancestors of the Alicante locals today. Tools, clothes, arts and crafts that bring to life again the customs of lives of people that used to walk these lands are available, on display, for you to explore and admire.

La Vall d’Ebo also harbors another fascinating and somewhat underrated tourist attraction: La Cueva del Rull, a fascinating cave where you are welcome to hide away from the heat and the sun for a little while.

If you want, you can first go to Alicante rent a car and get an automobile for your trip, then drive your family or group of friends to the museum and actually everywhere around the Costa Blanca.

In terms of sunbathing and swimming with the fish in the cerulean waters, La Granadella Beach in Javea was voted as the best beach in Spain. Its shape is that of a horseshoe, its waters are turquoise and translucent and the sun shines charmingly over the white and fine sand of the beach.

Have fun in Alicante in August!




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