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An eventful August in Alicante


Are you ready for an eventful August in Alicante? The beautiful center of Costa Brava is preparing for another sunny and happy month and here are some of the very interesting events that you can explore if you find yourself in town during the last month of summer of this year.

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Alicante for free: a few tourist attractions you can visit free of charge


Dear traveling friends, today we are going to talk about Alicante for free: a few tourist attractions you can visit free of charge.

Spain is one of the most beautiful and exciting countries to visit and there is always a lot of things to see and do. And obviously, there are sometimes costs entailed, but there are also options when you are traveling “low cost”, so to speak.

You don’t have to spend thousands on a one week trip if you don’t have that kind of money and at the same time, if you don’t have that kind of money, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or cannot travel.

Alicante is a place you can enjoy even for free:

Option number one would be to climb to Castell de Santa Barbara, the town’s attraction, and enjoy the most beautiful views. This is probably one of the most photographed spots in town. From high up, you can admire the entire city and see all that you have left to visit.

Walking around in parks is another activity you can easily do for free. The Canalejas Park is the oldest park in town and one of the most beautiful promenades to explore. After you’ve had your walk and enjoyed the fresh air, you can get an Alicante transfer to take you back to your lodgings to prepare for your next exploration.

Of course, let’s not forget the main interest people traveling to Alicante display: the amazing seaside, with its fine sand and infinitely blue waves.

Levante Beach is probably the most popular stretch of sand in town. Along with Poniente Beach, it welcomes thousands of people in search of fun in the water and the sun. The Spanish coast is an excellent spot for nautical sports as well.

Alicante can be visited on a full or empty pocket. It will always shine just as beautifully.

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Fun facts about Alicante – Part 2


Dear friends, what did we promise last time? That we would return with Fun facts about Alicante – Part 2. Well, adamant to keep our promise, here we are with more interesting and amazing facts about this corner of Spain, all eager to convince you that it is well worth planning your next trip and stay on the ever sunny and happy shores of the Costa Brava.

We went through three fun points last time, so we continue on our path with fun fact number…

4. Do you remember what we said last time about the Santa Maria Church? That it is a symbol of old Arabic construction turned into Catholic / European symbol. Well, the architecture symbol of Alicante, the Santa Barbara castle, perched on the idyllic hilltop overlooking the entire town, is just such an example as well. It is one of the largest medieval forts in Europe and stands tall on the site where a Moorish building used to stand in the 10th century. Actually, the Spaniards rebuilt it and brought it to its shine and glory. And today, it is the main attraction in town – so rent a car with Alicante car hire and don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit it too!

5. The Explanada de Espana is one of the main promenade points in town. Come to think of it, it is the main place for a rendezvous and a walking around session. So it might be fun to know that there are no less than 400 palm trees lining this famous promenade!

6. Do you know how many people fly to Alicante every year? Take a guess… and here is the fact: about 9 million people fly in and out of Alicante Airport every year!

7. Last but certainly not least, one thing that is very important for Alicante people is golf. You can book a lot of things here, ranging from golf clubs, lodgings to transport options like Alicante golf transfers.

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Fun facts about Alicante – Part 1


Autumn is just another milder summer in Spain, which is extremely important, a very happy thought when it comes to traveling; this year seems particularly nice – just now I am looking out of my window to greet a happy, smiling sun – and of course, this gets me thinking about happy travels and memories of warm places. So with this cheerful air, I thought today we might share some fun facts about Alicante, the center of the Spanish White Coast, a pearl among the cities in the country.

  1. Javea in the Alicante region is a beautiful town to visit. If you want to stop by, you can get an Alicante airport transfer to Javea online, at a very acceptable price, and spend a day of sunbathing and sightseeing there. The locals just might brag about their proud hero, tennis star David Ferrer, who was born here.
  2. Can we speculate that tourism has always been a thing in Alicante? Well, we could and there is definitely reason to believe this because the place has been inhabited for over 7000 years! The first settlers were hunter – gatherers who flocked the sunny and warm shore of Mount Benacantil, which you can also take a couple of days to visit (or conquer).
  3. Alicante is proof that intercultural aspects can cohabit harmoniously. Actually the region has been subject to many influences and political changes around the centuries. The Orient and the Occident disputed Spain in the middle ages, which ended in the European victory ultimately. But the Arab presence here is visible in the architecture, cuisine and many more aspects of everyday life as seen today. The most emblematic church in town, the Gothic Church of Santa Maria, was erected between the 14th and 16th centuries over the remains of an old Arab mosque.

Join us again for more Fun facts about Alicante!


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What to do in Alicante in August 2017 – Part 2


What to do in Alicante in August 2017 is once again our subject for discussion. Let’s see what can be explored and how and when during the last and most busy month of summer.

Like we said, August is one of the busiest times of year to explore Spain – not to mention it is extremely hot and very crowded – but there is a reason why everybody comes here during this time of year; and that reason is that Spain is wonderfully alive during these short weeks of joyful summer.

Let’s see where we can go and what we can do in Alicante this August:

The Museo Etnológico de La Vall d’Ebo in Alicante is one of the top cultural attractions to explore. It seeks to faithfully recreate the life of the ancestors of the Alicante locals today. Tools, clothes, arts and crafts that bring to life again the customs of lives of people that used to walk these lands are available, on display, for you to explore and admire.

La Vall d’Ebo also harbors another fascinating and somewhat underrated tourist attraction: La Cueva del Rull, a fascinating cave where you are welcome to hide away from the heat and the sun for a little while.

If you want, you can first go to Alicante rent a car and get an automobile for your trip, then drive your family or group of friends to the museum and actually everywhere around the Costa Blanca.

In terms of sunbathing and swimming with the fish in the cerulean waters, La Granadella Beach in Javea was voted as the best beach in Spain. Its shape is that of a horseshoe, its waters are turquoise and translucent and the sun shines charmingly over the white and fine sand of the beach.

Have fun in Alicante in August!


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What to do in Alicante in August 2017 – Part 1


The whitewashed shores of the Costa Blanca attract visitors all throughout the year, but the last month of summer is probably the most busy of them all. Here are a few ideas of what to do in Alicante in August 2017.

The city of Alicante and its surrounding area invite you to discover a world of great wonder and entertainment in summer. There are a few attractions and events that mark the month of August 2017, so you are invited to join in and enjoy the great fun alongside the locals and thousands of international visitors, as is the sweet Spanish custom everywhere.

In terms of events, if you like music, on August 13th you are invited to see Chano Domínguez y Stefano Bollani in concert in Alicante, at the ADDA.

If you want to attend, all it takes is a couple of minutes online to book and research. And if you have no idea how to get there, don’t worry: the internet can also provide the transport solution: Alicante airport transfer to Alicante city can take you wherever in the region – and even in Spain.

A trip to Aspe, a small Medieval city marked by the figure of Jaume I, can insert you into the secret and magical life of Spain in the middle ages. Traditions, medieval buildings, the air of old history that transpires throughout the city enable an excellent and beautiful trip to this Spanish little town of wonder.

Street markets are another authentically Spanish attraction. You can enjoy the fresh air, the humming of the streets and the freshness and flavor of the natural products in a Sunday street market. The street markets – called “mercados” locally –  vastly contribute to that “something” that makes Spain wonderful and feel wonderfully home always.

Join us again as we discover new activities to explore and places to go in Alicante!


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What to do and where to go this June 2016 in Alicante

What to do and where to go this June 2016 in Alicante

Spain is always buzzing with entertainment and joy, so there is no wonder there are so many events to look forward to at this beginning of summer. So let’s see the options we have: What to do and where to go this June 2016 in Alicante.

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Traveling for golf in Alicante

Traveling for golf in Alicante

Many people choose Spain as the ultimate holiday destination for its sun, its wide beaches and welcoming, friendly people. But there are those for whom traveling for golf in Alicante is the primordial purpose. If you loved golf, you would understand why!

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Looking forward to a merry Christmas in Alicante

Looking forward to a merry Christmas in Alicante

Aren’t we all looking forward to a merry Christmas in Alicante? I could bet we do and hopefully this year Santa is kind and generous and the New Year blesses us with everything we hope for!

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What do we eat in Alicante?

What do we eat in Alicante?

Preparing for a trip to the beautiful shores of Costa Blanca? We salute your choice and have come up with some ideas to make your stay even better! So after deciding on a local itinerary, we are left to ask another vital question: what do we eat in Alicante?

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