Looking forward to a merry Christmas in Alicante

Looking forward to a merry Christmas in Alicante

Aren’t we all looking forward to a merry Christmas in Alicante? I could bet we do and hopefully this year Santa is kind and generous and the New Year blesses us with everything we hope for!

Christmas – or Navidad, as the celebration is locally known – is a magical time of year on the shores of Costa Blanca. Although the warmth and lack of snow and the warm weather might not seem to fit the traditional image of a white Christmas, just imagine the winter celebration without freezing hands and getting stuck in the traffic due to the heavy snow.

And at the same time, there are season delights to enjoy, such as fairs and winter sports. At the Plaza del Ayuntamiento square, as the place gets filled with light and color, you can enjoy skating on the the ice rink with your friends or family.

The largest Christmas tree is set in the square of the town hall, the Palacio Municipal, along with a beautiful nativity scene. A flea market is also set up nearby, where you can purchase foods and traditional artifacts. There is much movement and entertainment going on there.

Would you like to visit Santa Claus? The most impressive castle in Alicante, Santa Barbara, is the Spanish residence of Santa, in La Ereta Park. During Christmas time, a page accompanies children to the legendary gift-giver, who will chat with them and remind them to be kind and nice so that they get wonderful presents.

Several nativity scenes are set through the city of Alicante and the Plaza de Gabriel Miro becomes home to the Nazareth Street Market and the place where the Nativity play is reenacted. Plaza del Ayuntamiento is also home to another famous market, the Cascaruja, and if you are looking for decorations and toys, take a walk through the Avenida de Federico Soto, where the artisans gather to present their work.

Don’t forget you can book an Alicante tour to see the Christmas lights and marvel at the general splendor as well!



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