Fun facts about Alicante – Part 2


Dear friends, what did we promise last time? That we would return with Fun facts about Alicante – Part 2. Well, adamant to keep our promise, here we are with more interesting and amazing facts about this corner of Spain, all eager to convince you that it is well worth planning your next trip and stay on the ever sunny and happy shores of the Costa Brava.

We went through three fun points last time, so we continue on our path with fun fact number…

4. Do you remember what we said last time about the Santa Maria Church? That it is a symbol of old Arabic construction turned into Catholic / European symbol. Well, the architecture symbol of Alicante, the Santa Barbara castle, perched on the idyllic hilltop overlooking the entire town, is just such an example as well. It is one of the largest medieval forts in Europe and stands tall on the site where a Moorish building used to stand in the 10th century. Actually, the Spaniards rebuilt it and brought it to its shine and glory. And today, it is the main attraction in town – so rent a car with Alicante car hire and don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit it too!

5. The Explanada de Espana is one of the main promenade points in town. Come to think of it, it is the main place for a rendezvous and a walking around session. So it might be fun to know that there are no less than 400 palm trees lining this famous promenade!

6. Do you know how many people fly to Alicante every year? Take a guess… and here is the fact: about 9 million people fly in and out of Alicante Airport every year!

7. Last but certainly not least, one thing that is very important for Alicante people is golf. You can book a lot of things here, ranging from golf clubs, lodgings to transport options like Alicante golf transfers.



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