Fun facts about Alicante – Part 1


Autumn is just another milder summer in Spain, which is extremely important, a very happy thought when it comes to traveling; this year seems particularly nice – just now I am looking out of my window to greet a happy, smiling sun – and of course, this gets me thinking about happy travels and memories of warm places. So with this cheerful air, I thought today we might share some fun facts about Alicante, the center of the Spanish White Coast, a pearl among the cities in the country.

  1. Javea in the Alicante region is a beautiful town to visit. If you want to stop by, you can get an Alicante airport transfer to Javea online, at a very acceptable price, and spend a day of sunbathing and sightseeing there. The locals just might brag about their proud hero, tennis star David Ferrer, who was born here.
  2. Can we speculate that tourism has always been a thing in Alicante? Well, we could and there is definitely reason to believe this because the place has been inhabited for over 7000 years! The first settlers were hunter – gatherers who flocked the sunny and warm shore of Mount Benacantil, which you can also take a couple of days to visit (or conquer).
  3. Alicante is proof that intercultural aspects can cohabit harmoniously. Actually the region has been subject to many influences and political changes around the centuries. The Orient and the Occident disputed Spain in the middle ages, which ended in the European victory ultimately. But the Arab presence here is visible in the architecture, cuisine and many more aspects of everyday life as seen today. The most emblematic church in town, the Gothic Church of Santa Maria, was erected between the 14th and 16th centuries over the remains of an old Arab mosque.

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