What do we eat in Alicante?

What do we eat in Alicante?

Preparing for a trip to the beautiful shores of Costa Blanca? We salute your choice and have come up with some ideas to make your stay even better! So after deciding on a local itinerary, we are left to ask another vital question: what do we eat in Alicante?

The local cuisine is a cultural element worthy of all the attention. It can speak volumes about a certain people and it can brighten a vacation day. Taste can provoke a lasting memory as well – and why not make it a good one?

The Spanish cuisine combines European, Mediterranean and Oriental influences into a specific flavor. Here are a few of the most popular regional dishes that you can sample in Alicante:

1. Tapas are perhaps the most popular side dish in the Spanish cuisine. But did you know that they actually come from Alicante? Delicacies placed on a toast bread used to be served to voyageurs in the past.

2. Turron is a type of nougat that combines fruits, chocolate and/ or nuts. The Alicante variety is harder and usually served on Christmas. During summer, it can be turned into ice cream.

3. Every year 115.000 tons of rice are produced in rice. No wonder there are many rice dishes to be sampled here. Arroz a banda is maybe the most emblematic. The rice is prepared with fish, garlic, spices and pepper. Some even prefer it to paella.

4. Alcachofas de Almoradi are a real green symbol of the region, who grows artichokes and even honors the vegetable with an annual festival.

5. Fish is very popular here, but the Spaniards love meat as well. As a reminder of the Moorish time, lamb is cooked in various forms, one of which is called Tombet Valencia. Lamb cooked in olive oil is seasoned with garlic, herbs, spices and nuts. The sauce that is served with it is made of hazelnuts, cinnamon, saffron and other spices.

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