Traveling for golf in Alicante

Traveling for golf in Alicante

Many people choose Spain as the ultimate holiday destination for its sun, its wide beaches and welcoming, friendly people. But there are those for whom traveling for golf in Alicante is the primordial purpose. If you loved golf, you would understand why!

Along with Portugal, Spain is a world-famous golf destinations. And while leaning over a golf club to hit a small white ball might not be everybody’s cup of coffee, there are those who find the moment when you nail the exact force and speed to propel the tiny ball into the hole in the grass absolutely revealing.

Costa Blanca has some of the best golf courses in Spain. The excellent conditions to play golf coupled with the beautiful weather and the breathtaking landscapes make the Alicante region one of the most coveted golf destinations.

Moreover, here are some of the best golf courses in or around Alicante:

Situated in Montgo Natural Park, La Sella in Denia is one of the most challenging (and rewarding) golf fields. This doesn’t mean it’s not fitted for beginner players as well. All levels of skill have a patch of grass under the sun.

Benidorm is a popular seaside destination near Alicante, but it’s a hub for golfers as well, since they come visit the Real de Faula golf course.

Crossed by lakes and surrounded by large trees, Alicante Golf Course is a challenging place to play your favorite sport.

El Plantio and Alenda are other excellent golf course in Alicante, situated conveniently.

Nevertheless, even if your course is not located in the city where you are staying, don’t worry: there are Alicante golf transfers available, especially designed to transport you and your party to the golf course and back. And if you are already familiar with the region, so much the better: you can rent a car in Alicante and travel anywhere you like.



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