A taste of the Spanish cuisine – Part 2

A taste of the Spanish cuisine - Part 2

A taste of the Spanish cuisine is what we promised last time and, as promised, here is a list of the best national dishes you can enjoy if you are traveling to the sunny lands of Spain.

Apart from the national Paella and its multiple varieties, which we have already briefly described in our last post, you can also taste other interesting foods, depending on the region you travel to.

Should we start with a salad? Zarangollo, a Catalan dish, is excellent: tasty and nutritious. It is made of grilled vegetables (eggplant, sweet peppers, tomatoes and onions) peeled, sliced and seasoned with garlic, salt and olive oil.

Chicharron is an Andalusian pork dish. The meat is fried and seasoned… and sometimes replaced with chicken or mutton.

Ropa vieja does not only mean what it means: old clothes. It is also a popular meat dish made from shredded flank steak bathed in a base of tomato juice.

Originating from Galicia, Empanadas refer to bread or pastries. Folded dough stuffed with cheese, meat, veggies and others is basically what it’s all about. It resembles the pate popular in other parts of Europe.

Coca is Spain has a totally different meaning: it is a tasty pastry, the national equivalent of the Italian pizza.

Mollete is a bread from Andalusia, sweet and soft an to be served with olive oil or garlic.

In for a rich bean soup? The Fabada Asturiana needs to be on your list if you miss the good old British cuisine.

As for spices, all true Spaniards have paprika, mojo sauce and Sherry vinegar in their kitchen.

We believe you have just discovered another reason to travel to Spain as soon as you can. The Alicante region has a wealth of traditional dishes to taste and you can get a cheap airport transfer in Alicante to travel in search of them.



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