Best Halloween costume ideas in Spain

Best Halloween costume ideas in Spain

Trick or treat? Halloween is here already, so if you still haven’t got a costume for tonight or for tomorrow at latest, relax: you are still in time to get one. You’ll find the best Halloween costume ideas in Spain, so stick on to learn all about it!

Of course, there are the traditional options everyone is likely to adopt. The streets of… everywhere tonight will be invaded by ghosts, skeletons, witches, vampires and werewolves. But how about looking for some local monsters for inspiration?

Basajaun looks a bit like Cousin It – ok, maybe more like the Neanderthal man. A Basque monster, he is a hairy, huge homid – but a benign one, a protector of livestock and agriculture.

If you fancy red pants (really!), Galtxagorriak is what you can be for a night. Another Basque creature, this is a little industrious imp dressed in red trousers.

What about girls? Well, if you want to give your boyfriend the creeps, you can knock on his door dressed as a Lumia (or Guajona, as the Cantabrians used to call it). She is a disfigured vampire woman, looking like a warted hag, with gnarled feet and hands, cyanotic skin, razor sharp fangs and spooky tiny eyes that shine like the night stars.

If you are a man, though, you can be an evil, though much more easy on the eyes, vampire: Conde Estruch (a 12th century earl who had led a rather unholy life and then turned into a creature of the night) is probably the oldest vampire in Europe, with a lifestyle (or rather death-style?) that resembles a lot that of the modern Count Dracula.

Cocollona is by far the most striking female costume you could go for: legend has it there was once a nun who was so holy, that she was locked in a dungeon, where she developed skin flares that made her look like a crocodile. However, due to her devotion, she grew a beautiful pair of butterfly wings.

With the problem of costumes settled, we wish you a happy Halloween!



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