An eventful August in Alicante


Are you ready for an eventful August in Alicante? The beautiful center of Costa Brava is preparing for another sunny and happy month and here are some of the very interesting events that you can explore if you find yourself in town during the last month of summer of this year.

Alicante is a large city where there is always something interesting and new going on. Here are some of the highlights of the month to come – maybe they will inspire you to visit or to find an interesting thing to do:

As part of this year’s tour, David Bisbal is coming to Alicante once more on August 3rd. The great latino artist will come to town bringing a lot of energy and excitement along with him. You are all the guests of honor.

On August 8 at ADDA (Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante) you are invited to the Gala Festival Internacional de Jóvenes Orquestas, a festival meant to bring to the fore some of the most gifted young musicians who prove that talent has no age.

The Centro Imaginalia in Alicante organizes a talk about the lyre, a magical instrument hailed by the ancients and popular throughout the ages in all civilizations. The lyre represents mysticism and magic, but also love and death and the endless lyricism of music.

And if you are in for some romantic music, Pablo Alboran is going to be visiting Alicante on August 18th. This very popular artist will be ready to give a concert that will move people and make them all happy for a while.

Alicante is a lovely city that deserves to be visited and explored, every stone and every street. There are several ways of exploring the Costa Blanca as well as its center city. The best one would probably be booking an Alicante tour or renting a car in Alicante.



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