A golf trip to Alicante

A golf trip to Alicante

This sunny rich region in Spain is a target destination for all of you travelers in search of sun, warmth, fun and… sports! Just when you thought we had no more interesting ideas left, we are thinking of a golf trip to Alicante to brighten your day!

In case you were wondering what is the attraction in hitting little white balls with thin iron bats and minutely directing them into tiny holes scattered across an endless green plain, please take note that golf is not an experience you can underestimate or write off – not before you try it at least. Golf fanatics will tell you stories about the beautiful quiet before the club hits the ball, about precision and… about history.

Because golf has a history that goes back centuries, most probably from the time of ancient Rome, when a similar game called “paganica” was played. Recent (well, medieval) history finds the fief of golf in Scotland and from the 19th century on, the sport has become increasingly more popular worldwide under the British influence.

Alongside Portugal, Spain is an excellent golf destination due to its warm sunny weather and beautiful relief. Playing on one of the golf courses in Alicante is a delight you would never regret.

Here is a selection of the best golf courses in the region:

Alicante Golf is one of the best clubs in the region and one of the most popular. It is vastly appreciated because of its waters and access to the beach. The wind can be quite strong, but players view it as an advantage.

Bonalba Golf course in Benidorm, just next to the Playa San Juan offers breathtaking views over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Aldena Golf Alicante and Campo de Golf el Pantino are other popular destinations if you want to practice the sport you love. If you need Alicante transfers from your location to the destination, these can easily be booked online.



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